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copy yeah that is so that is so not the one I want not a good right not a lot of competition or SEO but I liked I think I mean good honest I need you to own it on SEO alright good take advice but yeah I tried to do everything myself for a long long time and what I realized as I was already paying this big team of people I mean I’ve got like office people you know and why was I not you know utilizing those people to help me do simple tasks and things that could just be added on I look at it now as if in the course of a given day I give a five minute task to everybody that’s like what an hour then I don’t have to do a lot of different things and I mean it takes an hour out of my day every day and that’s that’s really really important to me the other thing that’s really important utilized experts to utilize the team and utilize what you definitely and don’t be afraid to outsource something I mean we use a company called weave communications for all of our recall internal all of our reactivation because they call.